Our Family

We all need help to fulfill our tasks and these people are the ones I trust and use.

Victoria Spence http://liferites.com.au/ for counseling and extended care.

Jess, Kell and the Gang https://wildlotusflorist.com.au/ for the most beautiful arrangements.

Michelle Bova and her Crew https://www.funeralvideo.com.au/ for a discrete and visually comprehensive photo/video capture of the Funeral.

Tony Best and his Staff http://www.bestlimousinessydney.com.au/ for extra Mourning Cars when required.

Ian Arthur and Staff https://ianjarthurfunerals.com.au/ when I need back up or words of comfort.

and last but not least

For Wakes and Memorial Services http://mvgc.com.au/ Mona Vale Golf Club
For Wakes and Memorial Services https://www.bayviewgolfclub.com.au/ Bayview Golf Club
For Wakes and Memorial Services https://longreefgolfclub.com.au/ Long Reef Golf Club